Patarei sea fortress will be sold at public auction. The auction period was six months with the deadline on 19th of November 2019. 

Terms of the auction

A public auction is a way of selling, where a contract of sale is concluded with the bidder, who has offered the highest purchase price and agrees to the additional terms and conditions established. The auction period is six months, during which the person interested in buying the Patarei sea fortress will be able to familiarize themselves with the property, terms of sale and make their own offer. Starting price is 4.5 million euros.

1. The public auction of the Patarei sea fortress is announced 

State Real Estate (Riigi Kinnisvara AS) will sell the Patarei sea fortress by public auction. There are six months to prepare your offer, meet the terms and familiarize yourself with the Patarei sea fortress and its terms of sales.
6 months

2. Submission of offers

In order to participate in the public auction of the Patarei sea fortress, the offer must be submitted by November 19th 2019. 

7th month

3. The opening and evaluation of offers 

The qualification documents will be opened at the State Real Estate office in Tallinn, Lelle 24, November 19th 2019 at 14.15. The committee will evaluate the compliance of the bidders with the presented terms and conditions and inform the compliance evaluation results of the offers.

7th month

4. Declaring the winner and completing the sale

Patarei sea fortress will be sold to the highest bidder.
8-9th month

Procedure details