Today, the properties of Patarei sea fortress are divided as Kalaranna st 28 (registry part no 26431401), Kalaranna st 30 (registry part no 26431501) and Vesilennuki st 4 (registry part no 26431801). The zoning plan DP030970 of Patarei and Lennusadam, as well as the zoning plan DP037880 of the real estate on Kalaranna st 28 and Vesilennuki st 4 are applicable to the Patarei sea fortress, the last of which includes Patarei’s two properties, Kalaranna st 28 and Vesilennuki st 4.   

Main drawing
Explanatory note

Riigi Kinnisvara (State Real Estate Ltd.) will organise the formation of new cadastral units arising from the zoning plan before the sale transaction takes place as follows:

  • Patarei defence barracks property (Kalaranna st 28) area 26 625 m²;
  • New built property (Vesilennuki st 2) area 6 427 m²;
  • Music team property (Kalaranna st 36) area 3 487 m².

The obligations arising from the zoning plans will be transferred to the future owner of the property, including organising the architectural competition, the establishment of technical network and coastal protection and the establishment premises for public use on the first floors of the building.

About architectural competitions 

Public architectural competitions must be organised in order to plan the new buildings and to restore and reconstruct Patarei sea fortress. When designing a construction project, design a public space, including access to the sea fort from the promenade and public space lighting.

About environmental protection 

In case extensive soil works are planned in the vicinity of the contaminated sites, the extent of pollution must be investigated before the construction begins and a plan to eliminate the contamination needs to be drawn and submitted to the waste management department of the Tallinn Environmental Board.

About heritage conservation

It is necessary to prepare the special conditions of heritage conservation and take into account the special terms established by Eensalu & Pihel for the restoration of Patarei defence barracks and repair-restore works of the mortar battery and customize to the new function.