The international museum in Patarei sea fortress

Under the leadership of the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, a part of the Patarei sea fortress will become and international museum, which will be located in the right wing of the gorge and lunette building and in the immediate vicinity of the individual chambers building. KOKO architects have prepared an architectural solution for the reconstruction of the museum part of the property. To get access to the full document, please write to us at
Layout of the museum

It is necessary to prepare new terms and special conditions of heritage conservation and take into account the special terms established by Eensalu & Pihel for the restoration of Patarei defence barracks and repair-restore works of the mortar battery and customize to the new function.  

Heritage protection special conditions

A selection of interior and exterior images of the Patarei sea fortress by Eensalu & Pihel:

Music brigade
Exterior photos

Interior photos